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C?n Th? Nail N?, G?i i L?m Li?n - C?n Th? Nail - CanThoNailGap.Com img.wp-smiley, img.emoji { display: inline !important; border: none !important; box-shadow: none !important; height: 1em !important; width: 1em !important; margin: 0 .07em !important; vertical-align: -0.1em !important; background: none !important; padding: 0 !important; } .recentcomments a{display:inline !important;padding:0 !important;margin:0 !important;} #logo h1 a, #logo h1 a:hover, #logo .description { color: ##666666; } body { background: #EFEFEF; } .header_main, .header_main_bg { background: #EFEFEF; } .footer { background: #313131; } .footer_main_res { width: 940px; } @media screen and (max-width: 860px) { .footer_main_res { width: 100%; } #footer .inner { float: left; width: 95%; } } .footer_main_res div.column { width: 200px; } @media screen and (max-width: 860px) { .footer_main_res div.column { float: left; width: 95%; } } Welcome, visitor! [ Register | Login ]  C?n t?m th? Nails kh?p ti?u bang Hoa K? ng Tin M?i All Categories C?n Bn Ti?m C?n ng??I h?p tc C?n Th? Nail L?nh V?c Khc Home » Ads » C?n Th? Nail N?, G?i i L?m Li?n $700.00

C?n Th? Nail N?, G?i i L?m Li?n

N?i Dung

?c bi?t b?n n?o thch l?m b?t th? c?ng nhanh c?ng t?t. C?n th? Nail bi?t l?m tay chn n??c ho?c bi?t l?m b?t c?ng t?t. Ti?m ? v?ng Hope Mills, NC trong new shopping center c?n th? Nails Nam/N? bi?t l?m ? th? ho?c chn tay n??c. L?m trong nhi?u shopping center l?n v? Mall. Need to shop nails in the large shopping center. The large store is located in the University Park / Highland Park at Lovers Lane / Inwood. Lack of caretakers should go to the store. The new store needs nails technician or pedicure and manicure, or do everything. The store has 16 brand new pedicures, 8 nails, 01 wax, 01 facial. Hand water Know how to make the powder as possible. The shop in Odessa, TX needs urgency (preferably female) to do everything possible. Shop near schools, hospitals, banks and markets. Sexy nails & spa : In need of experienced nail technicians mani, pedi, gel polish and acrylic ASAP. Ti?m QD Nail Spa ang c?n th? g?p bi?t l?m ? th? ho?c chn tay n??c v? gel polish.bao l??ng ho?c n chia. Ti?m n?m trong khu Pulix super market. Ti?m trong khu shopping t?t, ng khch v? tip cao. Ti?m r?t ng khch v? c good rating tr?n facebook, google, yelp ! Ti?m r?ng r?i, sang tr?ng, ng Khch, tips h?u, c?n g?p th? Nails, Facial, Eyelash Extensions, Massage v? Hairstylist. C?n bn ti?m Nail (? ngh? h?u) ? v?ng Edison, NJ. Ti?m trong mall, gi cao c?n g?p th? nail nam/ n?, v? ch?ng ok,. Ti?m r?ng, thong v? khng kh l?m r?t vui v?. C ch? ? cho th? ? xa , ch? l?m vi?c tho?i mi – vui v? . C ch? ? mi?n ph cho th?. C?n th? nail n? l?m everything ho?c tay chn n??c. C?n th? N? c b?ng NC, v?ng Winston Salem . C?n th? nail nam n? c kinh nghi?m G?P. C?n ng??i ph? b?p hay bi?t n?u n cho nh? h?ng Vi?t Nam. White area, tourists, high price, high tip. Ti?m ang c?n th? bi?t l?m tr?ng h?ng, liguid gel (pink and white), gel n??c. Lee Spa Nails inside Northpark Mall, ti?m c income cao, c?n tuy?n th? full time and part time. C?n nhi?u th? nail nam/n? l?m full time or part time. Part time or full time welcome . C b?ng l?m full time/partime ? Madison v? Decatur, Alabama. Ch?a c b?ng nails s? gip co-sign. C?n th? nails Nam/N?, bi?t l?m eyelash, wax, b?t acrylic, gel color v? tay chn n??c. Tay ngh? y?u m?nh training them cho. C?n th? bi?t l?m b?t v? chn tay n??c. C?n g?p th? nail nam/n? bi?t l?m b?t v? tay chn n??c gel. Ti?m m?i build ? Plano c?n nhi??u th? nails: B?t, Dip, Gel, Tay Chn N???c, Wax. Th?t l?ng t?m vi?c ho?c mu?n sang ti?m. N?i l?m vi?c tho?i mi v? ho? ?ng. Ch? vui v?, h?a ?ng, khng gi?nh khch, l?m vi?c nh? trong gia ?nh. Ch? retired mu?n v? vietnam s?ng. Need to shop in the US white area makes defense industry a high income. Good location, nice white area, high price nails. Glamor Nails & Spa in Columbia, MO in big shopping, 100% white area. My salon have 4 spa chairs ,7 nail tables , 2 TV, camera, 2 wax rooms. Lily Day Spa is looking for a highly motivated manager to run the nails/day spa, can speak both English & Vietnamese, can manage employees & have great customer service experience. The American Quarter, guests. Nice new build 6 months, good location, American white area, guests walking east, good tips. Shopping center, white area, many tip. C?n tuy?n th? v? b?t v? gel. C?n tuy?n 2 Th? bi?t UV, Shellac, B?t. C?n th? nalis g?p! C ch? cho th? ?. C ch? ? t?m cho th? ? xa. C nha ri?ng v? Internet cho th? xuy?n bang ?. C?n th? chuy?n l?m b?t, ?u ti?n cho th? c b?ng WY. Ti?m ang c?n th? Nail g?p v? ph?i c b?ng wv. C?n thu?/mua m?t b?ng m? ti?m? Chng ti chuy?n build v? bn ti?m nails hi?n t?i ang c hai ti?m ? Dallas. Ti?m nails khu m? tr?ng 100%. c?n sang ti?m r?ng 1630sf 10 gh? pedicure 12 b?n nails, ti?n rent r?, income cao, Th?t l?ng xin li?n l?c : Thank you ! Ti?m Nails ? Huntsville, KHU M? TR?NG. Ti?m ? th?nh ph? Locust, cch Charlotte 30 pht. C?n sang ti?m v?ng Roanoke Alabama m? tr?ng 85% , rent re ti?m cch Atlanta 1 gi? 40 pht. Ti?m r?t sang tr?ng. Bn ti?m ? Naperville, Illinois. Ti?m c 8 b?n, 7 gh?, r?ng 1600sqft, ti?n rent r?. Moving C?n bn ti?m nail! C?n Th? Nail Houston and Bellaire! Will pay 850 and commission. Working and fun. Please call cell:. Work atmosphere fun. Please contact for more details. Please contact phone number: or for more information. Mu?n bi?t th?m chi ti?t xin li?n l?c Ng?c Lan (cell)B?m v?o y xem s? phone. Xin li?n l?c (Work) 405- 341-6580 ho?c (cell) B?m v?o y xem s? phone g?p Amy. Xin g?i cho Henry ( cell) B?m v?o y xem s? phone. Xin li?n l?c S? phone: B?m v?o y xem s? phone C?m ?n xem Qc ! Th?t l?ng mu?n mua xin li?n l?c cell: B?m v?o y xem s? phone or shop: B?m v?o y xem s? phone. C?n th? l?m lu d?i, th?t l?ng mu?n l?m.
Thng tin li?n l?c:
  • Street: 548 Market St
  • City: San Francisco
  • State: California
  • Country: United States
  • Zip/Postal Code: 94104

  • ng ng?y: 23 Thng Hai, 2017 12:00 sng
    H?t h?n: 871 days, 19 hours C?n Th? Nail N? G?i i L?m Li?n    Listing ID: 3624e0d2sutsj53 Report problemProcessing your request, Please wait....Offensive ContentInvalid OfferSpamOther

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